Mama Diaries

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Coffee-drinking Dog

My mother-in-law made the big mistake of leaving her coffee mug on the coffee table in the family room.  It was a steaming cup of fresh-brewed java.  And apparently, it was too much for our German Shepherd to resist.

As soon as my mother-in-law left the room, that dog was on it.

"Schultz!" my daughter screamed.  "No!  Don't drink the coffee!"

But it was too late.  The hairy beast slurped up that stuff with his big pink tongue.  (It's a wonder he didn't burn that big pink tongue!)

Then my mother-in-law returned to finish her nice cup of coffee.  "Where's my coffee?"  she said.  "I know I had a full cup here a minute ago!"

My daughter and I looked at each other.  "Um.  Somebody with a big pink tongue drank it."  I said.

"Schultz!" she bellowed. 

The dog ran.  He knew he shouldn't mess with the mother-in-law!


  1. LMAO smart dog, running is the best course of action. Our old dog used to take the coffee cups and lift them right up on his nose and slurp them back..haha

  2. haha My dog steals my coffee all the time, too... makes me crazy!

  3. Haha that is so funny! I can just picture your coffee-drinking dog!

  4. That is a smart dog, all I'm sayin'.:)

  5. My parents dog used to do this with tea. They would tell her off, but when Mum wasn't looking Dad would let her drink his :-)

  6. OMG, that's too funny. My cat prefers to drink water from a tall glass with ice. When I sit down with one, I have to pour a second for her.

    1. Funny! I swear these animals think they're people!

  7. LOL. I'm guessing your MIL doesn't leave coffee sitting unattended anymore. : ) Happy Easter!