Mama Diaries

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boogie in the Roller Rink

I took my kids roller skating to let them burn off some steam. It was my son's second time.

This kid is a real hot shot.  He thinks he has all the moves.  So when the DJ announced free dance time in the center, my boy got right in the thick of things.  He was jamming with his hands in the air, rocking to the beat.  The teenagers there, thought he was pretty cool.  They started imitating his dance moves.

"Check that kid out!" I said.

My daughter took a look and started cracking up.  "What is he doing?"

"He's showing them some Bubba moves."

One little kid in an orange Harley sweatshirt on roller skates leading a group of about ten teenagers in the middle of the roller rink. What a sight!