Mama Diaries

Monday, January 2, 2012

Catching Crawdads

It's 27 degrees and snowing in Cincinnati.  And what was my son doing?  He was outside with his buddies catching crawdads.  Apparently the little shell critters got confused by the warm weather a few days ago.  They were out and about in the creek, doing whatever crawdads do.

So my little guy bundled up in his snowsuit.  He put on his hat, scarf and mittens, and headed out to the creek.  A little while later, he came back with five crawdads in his mitts.

"Look, Mom!"

I looked at the squirmy brown creatures. "Nice.  Now how about you put those crawdads back, and come in for a nice cup of hot cocoa?"


Nothing like a day of catching crawdads followed by a cup of hot cocoa!


  1. How cute. My boys love catching them also.

  2. What fun, for your son. I like the hot cocoa part of the day. I was just thinking that I should go and fix myself a nice cup of chai tea.