Mama Diaries

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Gets it Right

That tooth fairy has had a history of not doing a very good job lately.  I really don't know what her problem was.  Well, last night she finally redeemed herself.

Do you remember that baby tooth that wouldn't come out?  The one my daughter tried to milk dud out?  It's out now, but it didn't come out the easy way.  We had to take her to the dentist to have it pulled.  She was not pleased.

The tooth fairy must've heard about all the drama, so she decided to be extra nice on her visit.

My daughter was thrilled with the cash she received for that troublesome tooth.

"I guess that tooth fairy is not so bad, after all," she said.

That's good news for the tooth fairy.  She was getting a little nervous about her job security.


  1. I hear ya, my son might have to have a tooth pulled to if then darn thing doesn't come out soon.
    The tooth fairy must get tired by the time he/she comes to my house because some times they forget to show up at all. Bad tooth fairy. I have to say he/she always makes up for it the next night. Few!

  2. My husband is the "fairy" in our house. Glad to hear the tooth is finally out.

  3. You know, I really can't blame the tooth fairy for messing up once in a while. She really has a lot on her plate!