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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mama Pokemon

"Mama, what Pokemon are you?"

"Huh?" I said.  What the heck was my seven-year-old son talking about?  "Dude, last time I checked, I was human.  I'm not a Pokemon!"

"But just tell me what Pokemon you are," he insisted.

"Okay.  Peekachu."  That's the only Pokemon I knew.

"Mom, you're not a Peekachu.  Peekachus are loud."

"So what do you think I am?"

"Hmmm."  He consulted his Nintendo DS for a list.  He scrolled through it.  "How about this one?"

It was a cute little mouse looking thing.  "No," I said.  "Too mousy."

"What about this one?"

It was a fat rabbit thing.  "No.  Too rabbity."

"What about this one?"

I looked at the gothic vampire thing.  "Yeah.  That's what I am.  What is it?"

"Gothelle.  She's a psychic type.  Habitat unknown."

Psychic type?  Check.  I definitely have a sixth sense to know what's going on with my kids. 

Habitat unknown.  Yeah.  I have no idea what kind of asylum I live in.

Plus she looks pretty creepy.  I've been told I resemble something like that.

Perfect.  My new name is Mama Gothelle.  

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