Mama Diaries

Friday, August 24, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

It was the first day of school.  My son was very excited to get started and see his teacher and classmates.  He got up at the crack of dawn, and was ready to go to the bus stop before I even had breakfast on the table.

"Dude, we don't have to leave for forty-five minutes!" I said.

"But I'm ready!"

He most certainly was.  We finished breakfast, brushed our teeth, and headed for the bus stop.

At the bus stop, my boy could barely contain himself.  He started hopping around.

"Bubba, chill out!" I said.

"I can't, Mama.  I'm doing the happy dance!"

Okay then.

Fast forward to the afternoon.  Bubba got off the bus with a big grin on his face.

"Did you have a good first day at school?"

"Yeah, Mama!  And guess what?"


"The teacher did a happy dance, too!"

"Really?"  I said.

"Yeah.  She said we were the best class ever, because we didn't talk when we weren't supposed to. So she did a little dance, like this."  Bubba jumped around with his hands in the air.

That's what I call a good first day.  I hope every day makes my boy and his teacher want to do the happy dance!


  1. I'm doing the happy dance in their honor.


  2. I can remember being that happy for school, boy was I a fool hahaha

    1. Ha! Well, in second grade, school is still cool.

  3. My son is excited for school, too. I hope he's doing a happy dance when he comes home after the first day. :)

    1. He probably will. Maybe after you get used to him being gone all day, you will too!

  4. YAAAY for great first days! Now that all 6 of ours are grown and out of the nest I still love hearing about all my girlie friends' kids and their first days!

    Happy Happy!

  5. Hip Hip Hooray for a happy first day! Hope the rest of the school days go just as well for both your son and the teacher.

    Did your daughter have a happy first day back to school?