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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Growing Up

My little girl isn't a little girl anymore.  Today, she started her first real job.  She's a dance assistant at the dance studio.  I watched her help the little ballet bears, and couldn't help remembering when she was a three-year-old in a tutu.  My, how the time flies!

As we got in the car, she made an announcement.  "Mama, I lost my last baby tooth!"

Sure enough, her last molar had popped out, and she was holding it in her hand.

So tonight is the last night the tooth fairy will be visiting my daughter.  I hope she doesn't get too emotional!


  1. Awww. That's so cute. It must be something else to see her helping the little ones, though. :)

  2. They grow fast. :)

    Sweet post.

  3. Well if it is the last one the toothfairy better give triple, don't let him/her be stingy haha

    1. The Tooth Fairy was quite generous. In fact, my daughter thought the Tooth Fairy made some kind of mistake when she woke up and saw what she left.

  4. Replies
    1. It was amazing that those two things happened in one day!

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah - definitely one of those special memories.

  6. Wow, no more baby teeth. They grow up so fast. CONGRATS on her first real job!