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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bag of Minnows

My son went to his buddy's house for a playdate.  The house is situated right on the lake, so the boys like to play by the lake, searching for frogs and harassing the fish.

When I went to pick up my son, I noticed he had a zip-lock bag in his hands.

"What do you have there?" I asked him.

"Minnows," he responded.

"I think you had better put those little fish back in the lake.  They might die if you don't."

"They're in lake water.  They'll be fine," my son said.

"They're going to get hungry,"  I replied, hoping to convince the little guy to return the creatures to their home.

He promptly scooped up some algae and threw it into the bag. 

"There.  They'll be fine."

So now we have a bag of minnows on our kitchen counter.  What next?

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