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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Escape Artist

Our ninety-pound German Shepherd "puppy" pulled a Houdini move today.  In the morning, I took him outside to do his business.  Usually, I bring him in after that, but if he seems like he wants to stay outside and play, I let him run around our fenced yard while I go make breakfast. Today was one of those days.   Our fence is a combination of wood and wire.  We were sure that our enormous beast would be safely confined. 


Our doorbell rang early this morning and our neighbor, not looking too happy, had our dog by the collar.  Uh oh.

We checked our fence.  Some of the wire had been pulled back.  It was a small opening, but the beast was apparently able to get through.  My husband got out some tools and hammered down the fence, supposedly securing it.

I let the dog out, throughout the day, observing what he would do.  He tried to get through again, but it didn't seem like he could get under the fence.  In the evening, I let the dog out in the back.  Then I went in to do something else.  Bad idea.

I happend to look out the window of my room.  I noticed a small dog chasing a baby bird.  I was about to go save the bird, when who should go bounding through the front yard, but our giant German Shepherd!

I could not believe it!  He chased off the little dog (fortunately, he didn't notice the baby bird).  Then he found a rabbit and chased that thing around and around a neighbor's house. 

Of course the beast didn't obey any commands to come.  Bad dog! 

He finally lay down and I got the leash on him.  That bad dog won't be going out unattended any time soon.  How in the world does a giant 90 pound dog slip out of a hole that's maybe 5 inches wide and one inch tall?  Unbelievable!   

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