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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

See What?

Today the kids and I visited the optometrist.

As we walked in the door, the bell rang, notifying everyone of our arrival.  My son immediately immitated the sound of the bell.  I knew he was in fine form.

We waited our turn. 

Finally it was time for my little guy to sit in the big chair.  The lights dimmed.

"Are you going to tell ghost stories?  I think I see a ghost,"  the little guy said.

The optometrist looked at him funny.  "What do you see on that wall?"  he asked pointing to the letter chart.

"A bunch of dots and dashes," was the reply.

"Look real hard and tell me what you see."

The goofball had a fit of giggles, but finally managed to ascertain what was written on the chart.

Then it was time for the color deficiancy test.  Well, he failed that with flying colors.

"I see nothing but teeny tiny ghosts and goblins."

Oy gewalt!   

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  1. Did you run into any fellow authors while you were there? :)