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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tire Re-tread Problem

There is a major issue here in Cincinnati with truckers losing their tire re-treads!  A week ago, I almost ran over a huge chunk of tread in the road.  A few days ago, my husband actually did run over a large re-tread because he couldn't get out of the way.  If he was on his motorcycle, he would've been killed.   Today, my family and I were almost involved in a serious accident because of one.

We were driving along on our way to the Dayton Air Show.  Suddenly, the car next to us swerved into our lane to miss a huge re-tread that was in the middle of the freeway.  Fortunately, my husband reacted quickly.  We swerved onto the shoulder, nearly tipping onto two tires.  It was very scary! Had we been just a little further up on the road, in the construction zone, we would have been crushed between the wall and the swerving vehicle!

Something has to be done about this.  Either re-treading should not be allowed, or strict regulations should be placed on how much use re-tread tires should have.  Most certainly, there should be a better clean-up of re-tread tires on the roads.  They're everywhere and they're dangerous!  

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