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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mud Men

I don't know why my son and his friend decided to spend almost the entire day outside.  It was 97 degrees and humid.  But that's what they did.  They were out in the woods, wading in the creek, harrassing frogs.

I went outside to check on them. 

"Aren't you guys hot?" 

"No," they said.
Somehow I didn't believe them, since sweat was pouring off of their dirty heads.

I gave them some lemonade, patched up a few wounds, at let them carry on.

Eventually the friend's mother came to get him.

She took one look at him.  "Whoa!  What happened to you?"  His legs were covered in mud.  His shirt and shorts were covered in mud, his sandals were coverd in mud  (at least my kid had creeking boots).

"Um, sorry about that," I said.  "Let me hose him off."

That's what I did.  Then I sent him on his merry way.  That was one happy little boy!

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