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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bloody Day

This morning when I went into my son's kindergarten class to help, I never suspected I'd walk out bleeding. The project was to make a simple spring clock. The kids colored the clocks and I assembled them using brass fasteners. I was poking a hole through one of the clocks when I noticed that I had blood streaming all around the nail of my index finger. "Mrs. Ellis!" one little girl cried in alarm. "You're bleeding all over." Indeed I was. There was blood on the table, blood on the clocks, and blood all over my finger. Oddly, I hadn't even felt it happen. I calmly went to the nearest sink and cleaned myself. I found a bandage and applied it. Problem solved. Then I went home. I was unprepared for what awaited me there. My husband had let out our German Shepherd puppy in the back yard. Apparently he had been rough-housing with the Huskey next door. His ear was torn in half. He was a bloodly mess. I quickly called the vet and sent him in for stitches. Unfortunately, the dog's ear will never be the same. (So much for being a show dog!) I'll be glad when this bloody day is over!

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