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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lego Destruction

My son, like many boys, likes building Lego sets. (Usually I'm the one doing most of the work.) Today, he asked if he could have some help putting together a six-hundred piece Indiana Jones airplane/jeep set. I agreed to help him, but told him that we should put it together in his bedroom so that the dog wouldn't get it. I thought I could outsmart that darn German Shepherd puppy.

So we spread out the plastic parts on his bedroom floor and went to work. Two hours later, we had the jeep and most of the plane put together. I was getting tired, so I decided to take a break.

"Please put your parts in a ziplock bag and make sure the plane and jeep are high enough so that the dog doesn't get them if he wanders up here." I instructed.

Well, those words fell on deaf ears.

I came downstairs and found the dog chewing on a banana peel he had taken from the garbage. Of course, that aggravated me, because now I had to clean up banana peel shreds. I took his leash off, attempting to send him outside. That was a big mistake. He had other ideas. He charged up the stairs, right into my son's bedroom and promptly destroyed the jeep and airplane.

I think that beastly creature had been devising a master plan of destruction while we were busy constructing!

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