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Monday, March 21, 2011

Pizza Face

I took my six-year-old son out to eat at a local pizzeria today. He ordered a children's personal pizza. It arrived with a nice little tomato-sauce smiley face.

"Oh, that't cute," I said.

"Yeah," he replied.

I ate my food and watched as he picked at his pizza, barely eating a thing.

"Are you going to eat that thing?" I asked as I finished my last bite.

"I'm not hungry," he said.

"Okay, we'll take it home."

We put it in a box and took it home. A little while later he was famished. "I'll eat my pizza now."

I warmed it up and put it in front of him.

"Can you cut it up? I don't want to mess up it's face."

"Are you telling me that you didn't eat your pizza because you didn't want to mess up its face?"


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