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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Day the Steam Cleaner Died

Steam cleaners are an absolute necessity if you have kids or animals. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled ours out to clean vomit and filth.

Well, today our trusty steam cleaner bit the dust. It was a darned shame too, because we really needed it!

It has been raining here in Cincinnati, for several days now. The ground is an absolute mud pool. This is not good when you have a big dog who just wants to be outside.

Our six-month old German Shepherd puppy was barking his head off while I was trying to teach violin lessons.

"Take the beast outside!" I called.

My kids obliged, and it was peaceful.

A little while later, the dog was barking at the back door wanting to come in. Apparently he was tired of playing in the rain. One of my kids let him in. That doggone dog charged into the house and ran into the living room where I was teaching. He was filthy! Muddy footprints were all over the carpet. As if that weren't bad enough, he decided to jump onto the sofa and sit. The sofa was a complete muddy mess!

I was one grouchy mama! (Even when the dog is clean, I don't let him in the dining room area or the living room area. That's my dog-free zone. Everything is neat and orderly in those rooms! And I never let the dog on furniture!)

So after my student left, I pulled out the steam cleaner. It made some horrible noise and then ceased functioning. I can't say I blame it though. If I had to suck up all that dog hair and dirt, I'd cease functioning too!

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