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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leprechaun Tales

I went to school today to help out with my son's kindergarten class. The project of the day was making leprechauns. I took two kids at a time and went out into the hall where we colored and assembled the little Irish elves.

"My brother caught a leprechaun once," one little boy said.

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. "And what exactly did he do with the leprechaun?"

"Um, I don't really know."

"Right. Okay, so what would you do if you caught a leprechaun?' I asked.

"I'd steal his gold."

"It's not nice to steal," I said in full mommy mode.

"Well then, I'd throw him in a garbage can and run him over. And then I'd take him to the garbage dump and squish him to make sure he was really dead. And then the gold would be mine."

Wow. I'd have to say I'm a little worried about that kid! Glad he's not mine!

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