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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mulch Mountain

Spring is here. It is time to spruce up the flower beds. And you know what that means -the arrival of the mulch pile!

My kids love the mulch pile. This year we had an added bonus - a dirt pile! (I really have a lot of work to do this year.) Kids and dirt are like magnets. They were on top of that thing quicker than I could say, "spring." I turned around to get a shovel, and guess what happened next? Six more neighborhood kids piled onto that thing. They were dancing and singing, and sliding down it on their backsides.

"It's a spring mulch party!" one kid said.

Another kid jumped from the dirt pile to the mulch pile. "I'm standing in cow manure. It's warm!"

My kids went inside to get some girl scout cookies for party food.

"Hey!" I said, "Your hands are filthy! Don't eat anything with those dirty hands!"

They didn't listen.

They were so filthy by the time they were done with their "mulch party," I could not believe it.

I hosed them off in the backyard, but their clothes were still covered in dirt.

I'm sure their parents were thrilled!

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  1. LOL--ewwww, mulch mixed with cookies. You know how to throw a party! Ha.